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Sean dunn

Job title: Developer

Place of work: More Bongo Limited

Before founding More Bongo in 2014, Sean previously worked as a Principle Software Developer for the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute developing large scale laboratory information management systems and as a researcher for BT Group modelling complex systems and network problems.


Make lightning Talk

March 25, 2013 19:00

Sean gave us a speedy introduction to make, and its advantages over other build scripts, its ubiquity and its speed are two of them. It's becoming more and more common to include build scripts in both front and back end development front end scripts are typically done in node with grunt or stand alone build tools, or even downloadable applications such as code kit. Make gives us the power of these without the issues of installing them on a remote server.

How JavaScript Promises can keep you sane in an async world

Sean Dunn gives an introduction to Promises in Javascript and how you can plan out your application using them to make async API calls less confusing and more predictable.