Ice Hockey- a very common sport in Europe (Part 1)

Ice Hockey is a common sport in North America and in Europe. The most famous hockey is in Canada, Finland and the Czech Republic. It’s played at all ages and stages.

What’s ice hockey? 

Ice Hockey is a sport born in the 19th century

In football, players sometimes use a stick to strike the ball as the ball hits the target. Ice Hockey is very common in Western countries and has been selected by many countries as a sport that represents the entire world.

There is a presence of two teams in hockey. Each team will have six participants to compete together. In the past, the regulation of hockey played usually took place in three innings, 20 minutes each and the final was a hockey final. At the moment, this law has changed, the teams will play in 4 innings, each half lasts just 15 minutes, and each half will have a break of two minutes. 

Using it can help players preserve their optimal fitness when competing in a live competition. Often the world hockey association determined that if the teams were to draw, there would be no extra time. Score hockey, the outcome of Olympic ice hockey all rely on the game in 60 minutes of play.

The regular team will have about 10 people, with 6 people competing in the main competition, and the other 4 will be on the bench. Teams will have unrestricted substitutes, but the person who has left the court will no longer be able to return to the court for that match. The hockey game will last 60 minutes and will be split into four rounds. Since the key phase has not been won or lost, it will proceed to reach an extra duration of 7.5 minutes per period. At last the penalty shootout.