Three brain-shaking sports that you need to know

The three most dangerous concussion games are men’s basketball, women’s soccer, and hockey. 

Specially, Ice hockey has been created from Canada-and it’s an ice-field fighting sport. 

Each team will have six members, including the goaltender

A team will have a limit of 20 eligible players per game, consisting of 2 goaltenders. The match will consist of three innings with 20 minutes of each half, 15 minutes of each half.

Brain concussion is a head shaking and vibration condition that is typical during physical preparation and competition. This is where you need medical attention. 

Researchers reviewed data on 9,542 seizures in 20 high school athletics between the 2013-2014 and 2017-2018 school years. Data was from the database of the National Research Officer. Examination of Sports-Related Injuries at High School (HS RIO) published in early November.

In any event, the concussion rate is determined from the occurrence of the concussion over the amount of times the athlete is subject to the competition or activity of that sport. The findings showed that there were injuries in football and other topics such as ice hockey, aerobics and soccer. 

The statistics revealed that the sport with the highest concussion rate was male rugby: 10.4 per 10,000 exposures. Second is women’s football: 8.19 times/10,000 exposures, and third is ice hockey: 7.69 times/10,000 times. 

In practice alone the subjects with the greatest injury rate were male basketball, male football and male weightlifting.

In fact, in most sports, the rate of brain concussion increases when playing while in practice it reduces. The only subject with a higher chance of brain concussion in practice than competition is cheerleading. 

Avinash Chandran, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, author of the report, said the findings of the research caught everyone’s eye, including parents, coaches, athletes. Encourage, as do other scholars. 

“Research improves our knowledge of brain concussion in high school athletics, because the school has ways to minimize it,” says Avinash Chandran.