Ice Hockey- a very common sport in Europe (Part 2)

How to play a hockey game 

Two teams compete against each other to play hockey by manipulating a hard cylindrical disk. They’ve got to regulate the hockey puck in the opponent’s net. They’re going to use the hockey stick to handle the hockey puck. 

Ice hockey has certain links to rugby. Both athletes must practice versatility in high-speed skating. They’re going to have to master a hockey stick to get the puck going as they like. 

Hockey players must wear special safety devices

The goalie is the most important thing, since the ball and the hockey stick are really tough. It could easily hurt a goalie.

Hockey Types 

Hockey on ice 

The English ice hockey game is glaptop, played on the ice rink, and played according to the same rules as normal. Not only do the athletes have outstanding competition skills, but they also have professional ice skating skills. Each athlete must know how to combine these skills with each other in order to obtain the highest victory. 

Hockey on the ground 

Field hockey is like soccer. The only difference is that if the players use their feet to pass, hold, or kick the ball to score, the grass hockey players can use a stick to score. Also, it was very similar to football during the game. 

Not just that, hockey also has mini hockey, bandy hockey, water hockey, man hockey,…

Young people’s opinions of hockey 

A lot of young people have been drawn to hockey. Most of the young people are interested and curious about this topic. 

Some of you were shocked that it wasn’t as easy as rollerblading used to play. However, they were all involved. In fact, they both tend to spend a lot of time training.

Each sport includes a range of special skills. Like baseball, he needs the dexterity of his foot. Basketball or table tennis has hands-on skills. Hockey needs the rhythmic synchronization of the whole body. Players need to be subtle and know how to get in touch with teammates.