Ice Hockey: A very elaborate sport in the world (Part 2)

First appearance at the Summer Olympics

Ice Hockey makes its first appearance at  The Olympics of the summer of 1920 in Belgium. It was later fully moved to the winter sports programme from the 2004 Winter Olympics to the last Olympics in Sochi , Russia in 2014.

Seven nations, including Canada, the Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States, are known to be ice hockey players in the Olympic arena

In the men’s event, only 6/64 medals did not belong to one of the seven countries listed above. On the women’s playground, the Olympic and World Championship title match is always a fight between this group of “giants,” the gold medal is always a rivalry between the Canadian and American teams.

Nowadays, ice hockey thrives in both its breadth and depth. The most popular is indeed in regions that are geographically cold enough to shape seasonal ice with perfect longevity, such as Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany , Austria, Switzerland, … And the field in the northern latitude of America.

Few countries including Canada and other European countries have formally selected ice hockey as their national winter sport. Professional North American tournaments such as the American Professional Competition (NHL), the Women’s League in Canada (CWHL) … They are becoming more and more popular, drawing tens of thousands of people to the area, hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s on TV and as pervasive as football.

Difficult, not eye-catching, but still desirable 

Many ice hockey players have the same belief that skating skills account for more than 50 percent of results. Driving on a special shoe (similar to roller skates except without sole wheels except replaced by a metal cut) allows the player to have an outstanding balance. In order to be able to transfer to the “higher stage,” the player has to go through a long period, from observation, preparation, to daily practice with high will.