Ice Hockey: A very elaborate sport in the world (Part 1)

If soccer is called the “King” sport at the Summer Olympics, then Ice Hockey takes a similar place at the Winter Olympics.

Ice hockey is most common in cold-cold areas , for example in Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and Slovakia, which are natural safe hardness. The northern latitude of the United States is Slovenia, Germany , Austria, Switzerland and the region. Ice hockey has become a year-round leisure in these regions with the introduction of an indoor artificial rink.

Origin has been long

The majority believe that the sport came from an ancient Greek game called “keritizein.” From the late eighteenth century onwards, hockey was gradually perfected by the British until it became a unified whole as it is today. 

Hockey is loved all over the world

Most of the games are played with curved sticks, and many cultures have a ball to be found in history. There are records of people playing in games similar to hockey dating back to 4000 years ago. Legend has it that Man Man is a hunter, he needs to find himself a sports game for fun. He picked up a stick and used it to drive a ball-like object that gave rise to grass hockey.

Under the provisions of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the standard field must meet the basic requirements of 60.98×30 m. The rules of the game are quite simple with each team of six players using a skateboard (made of wood, aluminum or synthetic plastic) to hit the ball against the opponent’s net.

The match lasted 60 minutes and was divided equally into three innings, excluding break time. The team that puts the ball in the net of the opponent wins more. The big difference between hockey and football is the unlimited timing and the number of substitutions per game. The half-time break ranges from 15 minutes 30 seconds to 17 minutes.