Ice Hockey-a competition that puts together the spirit of the team

Hockey is a form of sport in which two teams play against each other by attempting to handle a puck or a rough, circular disk called a hockey puck, a net or a target. The other team, holding a hockey puck. There are four basic types of hockey: disk hockey, ice hockey, grass hockey and roller hockey. In specific, ice hockey is a common sport that is developing on a wider scale.

Ice hockey is a competitive sport played on ice in which the players use their skateboard sticks to strike a puck into their opponent’s net. It’s an active sport with a rapid tempo of action. It is the most common sport in cold areas to shape seasonal ice with a naturally healthy hardness such as in Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and Slovakia. , Slovenia, Germany , Austria, Switzerland and the North Latitude area of the United States. With the advent of an indoor artificial ice rink, ice hockey has become a year-round pastime in those areas.

Outside, ice hockey is not a sport that leaves a positive picture

When playing in this sport, a group of players compete with each other on a small plate, a sloppy crash on the field often makes the spectator feel irritated and repetitive. Not to mention the incredibly high direct antagonism that many people are worried about the injury issue. However, while in the role of “insiders,” statements that are very “aggressive” will be changed automatically.

Usually, each sport needs special expertise of its own specialties. For example, soccer requires leg dexterity, basketball, table tennis, special hand skills … For ice hockey, teams need to move their whole body and know how to coordinate smoothly. Between pieces of it. Especially while playing in this game , players need the sophistication that ties the spirit of the team together. Ice hockey is also a sport that not only displays the agility and creativity of the player, but is also the strongest team spirit.