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Job title: Designer/Developer

Place of work: Measured Brilliance/Echoleft

Max Shelley is an enthusiastic fast talking developer/designer from Ipswich. He and his sister Sam run Measured Brilliance and design/development/seo/marketing/training/something else agency. Max is very interested in the whys and wherefores of design and development, he is often heard asking some of the more involved questions at FESuffolk and is keen to help anyone gain a better understanding of technology. Max is also working with Sam to create a new product called Echoleft, which helps people create memorial websites.


Creating Responsive Wordpress Sites

November 25, 2013 19:00

The exuberant Max Shelley takes us on a journey through the creation of a responsive wordpress site for his client Liz Lake, an architect.
He talks about some of the trickier aspects of getting a client to use a CMS so that they provide the right content in the right places and nothing more.
Max is a strong advocate of using Advanced Custom Fields to make wordpress into a very bespoke system.
Max also covers some of the less technical aspects of teh proicess including how to discuss responsive design with clients and get across the true value of responsive design.