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Richard astbury

Job title: Senior Consultant

Place of work: two10degrees Ltd.

A popular and charismatic speaker Richard often provides his audiences with a calm cool and collected approach to some very clever and well executed live coding. Richard's nonchalant attitude to what can often be quite a nerve-wracking experience (coding on a big screen in front of large numbers of people) puts audiences at ease and gives a real insight into the subjects he is covering. We were lucky enough to have an introduction to node js from Richard in 2013 and hope he will return with more node talks and possibly other technologies.


An introduction to Node.js

September 02, 2013 19:00

Richard Astbury made the brave decision that rather than slides and a talk he would riff on the process of creating a node.js web application! Unfortunately this was also before we started recording our sessions. Richard is continuing to provide great information and talks on interesting things to do with node js and a great deal of his code is available on github https://github.com/richorama, he is also quite accessible on twitter as @richorama.