Something about hockey you should know (Part 3)

2. Old rules of competition:

Number of players: 11, including 1 goalkeeper (At TVH, each team has 16 players, 11 of whom are starting official appearances, 5 substitutes)

Playing time: 60-90 minutes, depending on player’s age. The match is divided into 2 halves, the break between 2 halves is 10 minutes. (At TVH, each half is 35 minutes, the half time is 10 minutes). The winner is the team that scores more goals. In the event of a tie, both sides play extra time under the “golden goal” rule. If they still draw after extra time, the two teams will win and lose with a series of penalties until the winner is determined

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Player position 
Players: attacker, midfielder, defender and goalkeeper (standing in the circle area in front of the goal) 
During the game, the number of substitutions of substitutes is unlimited. restraint, except when the opponent takes corners or Penalty. In these cases, the coach is only allowed to replace the injured or disqualified goalkeeper.

The most basic skills in playing this game are the ability to control, push, pull, prevent and hit the ball. Stick control is considered a very enjoyable performance because a club operator is someone who can control the ball as he moves the length of the field at great speed, swinging the club over his feet and the opponent’s club to create space for the ball. 
Players can play the ball on the inner surface or the edge of the club, but never use their hands or any other part of the body to play ball. Only the goalkeeper can use both the arm and the foot to stop the ball. 
A valid goal is a goal scored by an attacking player in the opponent’s box.

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Blue card: warning 
Yellow card: temporary disqualification (min 5 minutes) 
Red card: Disqualification.

If an attacked team violates a law in the penalty area (eg, using his body to stop the opponent to score), the other team will be awarded a corner. How to perform a corner kick: 
A striker holds the ball at a certain position on the cross border, then pushes the ball out to a teammate who is waiting outside the box. At the same time, the opposing defenders rushed towards this player. He must hold the ball before allowing his teammates to score.