Something about hockey you should know (Part 2)

Development history:

The ancient Greeks also had a game called “keritizein”. With the gameplay similar to modern hockey. 
Since the late 18th century, Hockey was developed and perfected by the British as it is today. At TVH 1908, Hockey appeared for the first time in the competition program and in 1924 the International Hockey Federation (Fédération Internationale de Hockey – FIH) was born.

The first Greek Hockey Club was born in 1924 but it wasn’t until 1994 that the Hellenic Hockey Federation (EOX) was formed. Currently, EOX has more than 55 member clubs.

Ice hockey - Wikipedia

II. Equipment – General competition rules:


Glossy white, hard and made of Teflon compound, the surface is not smooth. Ball weight 156-163g, diameter 224-235mm

The cane is smooth, straight, one end rounded, curled and slightly larger than the other. Along the way, the edge of the club has a round shape, the inside surface is flat

Hockey field: divided into 3 areas: attack area, neutral area and defense area (the attack and defense area are marked with blue lines). Size of yard: 90-105m long, 50-70m wide (at TVH 2004, the yard size is 91.4m in length and 55m). There are 2 vertical and horizontal boundaries. Two golf frames are placed in the middle of the two horizontal lines. In front of the goal is a semi-circle, marking the goal area (penalty area).

– Players use a variety of protective gear when they have rough contact with an opponent or are hit by a ball (Costumes include: helmets, shoulder and chest pads, elbow pads, gloves, ice skates, sticks, shin guards) 
– The goalkeeper must wear a protective suit, shirt of different colors from his teammates as well as the opposing players. The protective suit included a hard hat, shin, and gloves. All of these parts must not have sharp edges or foreign objects protruding. The maximum width of the protective glove is 228mm, of the foot guard tube is 300mm. In general, the goalkeeper attire must comply with the regulations of the International Hockey Federation. Goalkeepers are not allowed to use clothes that increase the size of the body and help protect the goal.