Four Health Benefits You Can Get From Playing Ice Hockey

Did you that playing ice hockey is an excellent way of living a healthy life? This type of sport provides a body workout, which includes anaerobic and aerobic elements. Provided safety is taken into account, this sport guarantees health benefits, such as the following.

Improve Balance and Coordination

Ice hockey needs players to work on their agility, speed, and power. When it comes to this sport, players must receive and pass pucks that arrive quickly on an ice field. In the process, players need to be fast and accurate to score goals. Hence, for players to acquire these skills, they need to work on their balance and coordination.

Learn Safety Precautions

Although ice hockey is associated with some health benefits, playing this game has various risks. Thus, it is easy to acquire both major and minor injuries. Due to this, players need to learn safety tips to ensure they’re well protected. These safety precautions include putting on protective gear, cooling down, and warming up.

Boost Brain

Playing this sport also helps players to improve their mental health. Exercising alone is capable of enhancing your mood. When practising, endorphins are released to ease the feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress. Moreover, as you exercise, you will be able to hone your skills and make good decisions.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise happens when movements cause your heart rate and breathing to increase. This results in fat loss and calorie burn. Additionally, this exercise can help you to be healthy and keep diseases or illnesses at bay. Thus, ice hockey is a type of cardiovascular exercise that can enhance your metabolism by burning a lot of calories.


Ice hockey is not all about fistfights, missing teeth, and body checks. There is more to it. Thus, this sport offers a lot of benefits, such as brain boosts and improved body balance.