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Carl farmer

Job title: Microsoft .Net Technical Consultant

Place of work: Chrysalis Technology

Carl is a long serving .Net devotee, developer and lover of most things Microsoft. A fan of frameworks, slick integration, and well executed development plans. Fuelled by caffeine he has enjoyed solving business problems with software since 2001.
Founding SyncIpswich in March 2013, Carl is keen to help contribute to the local start-up and technical business community by organising technical and non-technical talks for its members.
Based in Ipswich but working for clients near and far, Carl is a keen cyclist and beer drinker. He can be found on Twitter at any of these; @carlfarmer, @ChrysalisTech or @SyncIpswich.


JavaScript Recipes to Automate Google Android

February 24, 2014 19:00

There are many apps out there to automate your Android device. They have their limitations and can sometimes be buggy. Do they do *everything* you want them to?
You could write your own, but that requires writing and deploying a whole application with all the Android manifest information. Whether it be native or using a HTML/JS framework, it may be more than you need, want or can be bothered with.
Now, you can automate your android device using just JavaScript!
Carl will walk through some simple examples of how to automate your Android device using just a browser and some JavaScript recipes. He’ll also explore various other options and attempt to bake a recipe live.
WARNING!!!! This talk will involve live coding!!!!