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Paul hutson

Job title: Director (Online Services)

Place of work: De Facto Software

Paul is one of our more regular speakers often speaking about his love of javascript and games. His very first talk at FESuffolk was an unplanned introduction to his popular massively multiplayer online game called Outer Empires.

He is thoroughly committed to games of all kinds, both playing and making, he regularly plays boardgames and he runs kingdomgame.net.

Paul has also given talks on appcelerator titanium, kinetic js and a project from worked called morein.fo.

Paul's talks are often funny and engaging and he makes great afford to answer any and all questions thrown at him.



April 28, 2014 19:00

Paul Hutson gave us a great summary of the simple yet effective process of drawing on maps with geojson and leaflet.js

What are your true colours

November 25, 2013 19:00

Still on a high after an exciting and involving Parliament Hack day with Rewired State Paul gave us a run down of how he put together his remarkable political quiz in just a few short days.

Paul's project was aimed at helping people realise the ways in which individual members of the parties they voted for actually represented them when it came to parliamentary decisions.

The app was judged to be a winner at the event and given thw award for "Why should I care".