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We meet once a month and talk about all kinds of areas of design and development. The details and reviews of these meetups will be updated over time.

March 2015: Testing, Testing

March is testing month!
Kerry Buckley will be talking about the Cucumber testing framework and Adam Whittingham will be talking about how to use a unit testing framework to test all parts of your app.

Feburary 2015: Editors & Editors

Editing text is at the heart of programming, so this month we're giving some care and attention to our code editors.

Robert Lee-Cann will be talking about his experiences with Vim, and John Nicholson and Christ Pont will be talking about his IDE of choice, Visual Studio.

January 2015: Next Gen web apps at the BBC

Happy New Year! We have Alex Gisby from the BBC coming to talk about next-gen Web Apps and the processes behind them.

November 2014 Meta talk & After the Code

November brings us a "Meta talk" from Anders Fisher, a run through of all the talks of FESuffolk so far and the useful bits he's learned from each talk in turn. It'll be a chance for us to refresh/revisit talks from previous Front Ends!

November's second talk will be from Adam Whittingham named "After the code", an exploration as to what happens after you've finished writing your code, including deployment, continuous integration and maintenance.


Anders Fisher and Adam Whittingham

October 2014: Health and Test Driven Development

Our October meet up is going to be all about health! Leeky will be talking about mental health (even when debugging that thing that works fine on your machine but no one elses) and Kerry Buckley will be talking about keeping your code healthy with Test Driven Development.

September 2014: Mustaches and Promises

September brings us another Javascript heavy set of talks, Sean Dunn is back with another fiddly but incredibly useful concept, this time around it's promises, and they solve a great deal of the headaches that people have with asynchronous programming. Anders Fisher gives us another insight into his daily workings, this time his use of Mustache JS within fiddly phonegap applications to keep his code wrangled and manageable.

August 2014: Sails.js & Big Software in Small Pieces

Tom Chinery talked about Sails.js, a Rails-like framework for quickly building a Node.js-based MVC stack. Tom showed how to spin up a new app and build everything from the models up to an API, ready for the front-end framework of your choice to connect to. Sails.js seems to be an interesting option, if a little immature at the time of writing.

Adam Whittingham continued our new adventures into back-end code with an introduction to microservices and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). After explaining how our code is most fun and easy to work with when it is small, Adam explained how we can use multiple small components to build up functionality and gave some anecdotal advice on what to build and how to wire up your first SOA applications.


Tom Chinery and Adam Whittingham

July 2014: BEM, LESS and OpenStreetMap

In July we have two front end based talks, the first is on OpenStreetMap, an Open Source user driven mapping platform, and the second is on BEM and LESS two methodologies for creating quicker cleaner code.


Karl Dawson and Shaun McDonald

June 2014: Make Paper and an introduction to Sinatra

After our recent announcement that Front-End Suffolk was just too great to be confined to the front-end and was ready to dabble in back-end code too, we kicked off our first meeting focusing on the server side.

Matthew Applegate shared his experience of building his first full web app, makepaper.co.uk, a site for finding collaborators for academic papers. After a bit of context about the academic process, Matthew explained how he had learned some PHP and MySQL, and gave a tour of some features and the workings powering them.

Anders Fisher continued the exploration of back-end code with an introduction to Ruby and the Sinatra web framework. Anders gave us some context about the ruby ecosystem and then showed a number of demos, including some live coding! Anders showed how Sinatra can easily serve pages, GET/POST data and render templates containing some dynamic content; everything you need to get to grips with your first web app!


Anders Fisher and Matthew Applegate

May 2014: CSS3 Animation and Three.js

The talks this month showed us how to unleash our artistic sides!

David Kirkby introduced the world of 3D modelling in the browser using Three.js. David started by showing a scene created of several models and went into how different properties altered their appearance and behaviour. After some more in-depth examples, we got to see some of David's more complex models imported from other programs, culminating in the fairly rare sight of a rainbow vomiting Skeletor!

Steve Butterworth showed off a wide range of effects now possible through CSS3's transitions and translations. Everything from fade-in text to your worst Powerpoint nightmares are now possible with next to no Javascript, and Steve gave a great tour of all the weird and wonderful things that we can now unleash, as well as showcasing some uses with impressive results!


Steve Butterworth and David Kirkby

April 2014: Android Script and geoJSON

For April's FESuffolk we have FES regular Paul Hutson giving us the lowdown on how he uses GeoJSON, a standard for presenting geographical shapes using latitudes and longitudes.
We also have a newcomer David Hurren introducing AndroidScript, his clever ide that allows users to create javascript applications for android within android!


Paul Hutson and David Hurren

March 2014: Golang and Javascript Structure

In March we are lucky to have another fresh face for FESuffolk, Elliott Stoneham. Elliott created a Golang -> Javascript compiler and will be giving us an introduction to Go as a programming language and extolling its virtues! Read more about Golang at http://golang.org.

Anders Will be giving us a heads up on how he approaches giving structure to a javascript application, with an emphasis on going library free and legacy projects.


Anders Fisher and Elliott Stoneham

February 2014: Automating android with Javascript and Show and Tell

It's February which means FESuffolk has been running for two years! We are inviting FESuffolk attendees to come up and talk about something they think is pretty cool in a Show and Tell.
We will also have Carl Farmer talking about how he can automate his Android Phone using Javascript. See you there! P.S. Cake!


Anders Fisher, Carl Farmer, and Toby Hope

January 2014: A Games Special

FESuffolk in January had a games based theme, with Chris Filip talking in depth about the processes of creating and researching his portfolio website for his university games portfolio and Anders Fisher talking about the process of creating his phonegap game Drag the Dots.


Anders Fisher and Chris Filip

December 2013: Christmas Quiz and Curry

To celebrate the yearly festive period 14 of the FESuffolk gang got together and had a delicious curry at the Ghandi on st Nicholas Street. Shortly after we wobbled across the road to the Thomas Wolsey pub, Thanks to the kindly barman Ben We had a room booked and quaffed beer in luxury!

November 2013: Politics and Responsive Design

In November Max Shelley gave us a behind the scenes look at how he builds responsive wordpress sites, he also gave us some ideas about how to broach the subject of responsive design with clients and how to make the very best of wordpress by using Advanced Custom Fields.

Paul Hutson was our second speaker and gave an engaging talk of his experience at a rewired state hack day in London. Paul had been given access to some parliamentary data and in a very short space of time he managed to get together a product that was both insightful and thought provoking, whatareyourtruecolours.com.


Paul Hutson and Max Shelley